Monday, June 22, 2009

The Ahwahnee Hotel


Seated, left to right: me, Rich, Diane & Todd Brooks, Kari & Rick Dempsey.
Standing, left to right: Tom & Sabrina Jensen, Robert & Luci Tubbs.

So, a week or so before our Yosemite trip in early June, my friend Diane and I were chatting and she threw out a crazy idea. One evening during our camping trip, she suggested, the adults should leave the children at the campground, dress up and go have dinner at the upscale dining room at the The Ahwahnee Hotel.

HA! I teased her that was pretty much insane... but also added that Rich and I were game!

So, I sent out an email to the other 3 couples, to see if they were interested, and within seconds affirmative responses came pouring in!

And before you knew it, we had a reservation for 10, Sunday night at 8pm at the Ahwahnee hotel.


So, Sunday came, we all dressed up (in our RV's of course-that felt a little funny), the women even put on make-up (something that doesn't usually happen at camp), and we all piled into the Brookses' enormous 10 passenger van. For some reason, the whole thing was just very humorous, and we had a lot of laughs as Todd drove us all to our fancy destination.

We all ooh-ed and ahh-ed as we were seated in a spectacular room with vaulted ceilings, gorgeous windows, and a live piano player. We ate and talked for hours.

And you know what, the evening to me, was just one of those memorable experiences that you don't soon forget.

Just being with longtime, cherished friends, nestled in breathtaking Yosemite, enjoying exquisite food (and dessert, too, of course) was such a delight and treat. It was one of those moments in life when you feel so very blessed by your friendships. I found myself just looking around our large round dinner table and smiling at such sweet, faithful friends that I have deep affection for. And, not merely just faithful friends, but faithful children of God as well - true mentors and examples of Christ honoring people. What a privilege it was to have such a night to bask in God's goodness!

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