Friday, May 1, 2009

Remember this?

Our family still remembers this from Sesame Street. Rich and I used to think it was the most clever thing ever on that show. In fact, we still sing, "air, air, air" sometimes whenever someone uses the word air. Last night, I was assisting Emma in making pie crust, and I was describing to her why a pie crust can come out either flaky or tough. I must have used the word air, and Emma chimed in "air, air, air." That immediately prompted me run to my computer and see if this great segment was on youtube. It was, and I am pleased to feature it on my blog today!

P.S. I just noticed the barber's does someone get a haircut in a chair like that?

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Suzanne DeShong said...

Funny thing, with the fact that I was infused with SS culture as a kid, I don't ever remember seeing that one!!! Too funny! We sing the "Oh, I LOVE trash....anything dirty or rotten or rusty...." song!