Monday, May 11, 2009

20 years ago today, on May 11th...

Brady at age 4

...I became the mother of a beautiful baby boy.

We named him Brady. He had big blue eyes and was one sharp little cookie.

For almost 15 years, I had the privilege and joy of taking care of him, as God loaned him to me.

Now, God is taking care of him.

Praise Jesus.

I think of him many times a day, marveling that my boy has seen our Lord and Savior
face to face.

I look forward to seeing him someday...I know it won't be too long. "Life is but a vapor," the bible promises. It will be soon.

But for now, I am thanking God for this special day, May 11, to remember Brady's birth-day, which was one of the happiest days of my life.

And I am happy today, too, even though he isn't with me.

Because I know my sweet Brady is free from sin and suffering, and is safe in the arms of God. And that is the best thought of all.

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Suzanne DeShong said...

That was the first day I became an Auntie, as well! What a joyful day it was for me! And what a joy to know He is where we both long to be someday. What he's doing far surpasses the joy we could ever experience here! Have a great day remembering him!

Nancy said...

Introduce me when we all get there, OK? Praise God from Whom all blessings flow...

Suzi said...

That is just the cutest picture of him! Have a great day! can't wait until we are all Home!

Dodson Family said...

Karen - this is just beautiful. What a great picture of him. What an encouragement it was to me to read this entry. You are a constant testimony of God's love and faithfulness. I will never forget Brady - he was one of the first children amongst all our friends... God bless you sweet friend!

Jensen Family said...

Karen, I'm a big dope. Forgive me friend. I had an all about me day. This was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing Brady's cute picture and your heart with us. Suz's right, Brady's joy far surpasses the joy we could ever experience here on earth. Psalm 103.