Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My day alone in the big city

I had so much fun today! My first alone day in DC, I started off with a nice little latte and scone at the hotel and then hit the subway. It was my first time alone on a subway, and I have to admit I was a little leary. Thankfully the subways here in DC are much, much nicer than the dungeons ones in New York, and not scary at all. I easily made my way to my first destination, which was Fords' Theater, the site of Lincoln's assassination. I enjoyed a very interesting show where two fine actors portrayed a conversation between General Lee and General Grant at the end of the Civil War. I liked it a lot.

After that, I moseyed back over to the American History museum to see a couple things I missed yesterday. It was really crowded again, so I took off and went to the Newseum. This cleverly named museum is a don't miss if you are visiting DC! Just a year old, it is basically a museum about the history of news. All kinds of news from print, radio, tv, and internet. I found the collection of newspapers chronicling major news stories from the past 100+ years (actual preserved newspapers) to be particularly fascinating, and the museum itself is simply stunning from an architectural standpoint. I highly recommend it.

I capped off my wonderful day going out to dinner with Rich. He treated me to a very nice seafood dinner -well, it was my birthday today after all! Tomorrow, I'm off to Mount Vernon bright and early!

Here are some random photos from my day. And I do mean random. Enjoy!


This is what I see when I come out of the hotel. Oodles and oodles of tulips. I admired them for awhile this morning.


These are the actual ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz! They are at the Museum of American History. For some strange reason, I was really into these. I dig on the yellow brick road, too!


I was so happy to find this dive for lunch. I knew Rich would be proud of me. I had a burger, fries and a real coke (not that I drink diet). It was a cool find.

hashed browns

You knew there would be a photo of food. These were the hashed brown potatoes we had as a side dish at dinner tonight at a lovely restaurant called Oceanaire. Any dish that comes dripping with butter is good by me. I am going to have to try this at home. It was wicked-good and almost upstaged the halibut!

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Suzi said...

Thank you for sharing your trip! I especially love all the Tulips since they are so hard to grow out here! I have to admit I am living my spring break through you lol! We are having a good time, I mean I am glad you are having a good time! ;)