Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emma's new room

Emma and I had SO much fun remodeling her room together. I love her style and I think she has a real eye for color and design. Thought I'd share a few photos of her beautiful new room. But first, here's some "before" pictures. They really don't do justice to how disgusting the walls and carpet were, and how cluttered this little room was (this room is so small, it is even hard to get photos of it).

Emma worked very hard emptying everything out, going through it all, and organizing it. Drew painted the walls and assembled all the new furniture, and we had the carpet cleaned. It really turned out nice. It makes a nice guest room now as well.

Before...pink and white was sweet...

We were happy to give the old furniture away to a darling seminary couple. My dear friend in Washington wanted the quilt for her daughter's room, so I'm shipping it to her. Hope you enjoy it Hannah!

This is the dresser AFTER it was cleaned off.

And lastly, the big wardrobe which was too big but not functional enough. I advertised it as free on my blog but had no takers. So Rich took it down to the curb and a lady driving by asked to have it. He followed her home with it in his truck, and now it lives about 8 houses away from us.
And now for the new...(yes this is the same room)

The walls are a pretty ice blue...we got rid of the hideous ceiling light and replaced it with a pretty chandelier.

Twin matching armoires replace the dresser and closet, new wall mirror to match.

I love walking by and peeking in...this is what I see. Oftentimes, I used to walk by and shut the door! It was scary.

And finally, a cute red nightstand we found at Home Goods (I love that store)
A beautiful new room for my dear daughter. I hope you enjoy many sweet dreams in your new room, sweetie!


Suzi said...

I love this room! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Will you share where you got these great finds??

Karen said...


Furniture from IKEA
Comforter & Shams from Anthropologie
Pillows/Sheets from Home Goods
Chandelier from Lamps Plus
Paint is "Sparkling River" from Dunn Edwards

Who is this anonymous person??

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

This is Kat Paradiso. I don't know if you remember me. I knew you several years ago (maybe 6 or 7?) at Grace Community. I'm not even sure how I came across your blog, links from another blog from another blog kind of thing probably. Anyway, I remembered you and have enjoyed looking at your recipes and remembering yummy restaurants back in California (we live in OH now). I sure do miss CA food though! Thanks for sharing.


Karen said...

Hi Kat! Of course I remember you and it's great to hear from you! I hope your family is doing well!