Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma & Austin!

Today, June 25, is a very special day in our family because Emma, and Austin, my sister's oldest son, were both born today! Isn't that funny that two sisters would have a child born on the same day? And also, June 25th is also our parents' anniversary. This year, Emma is turning 15 and Austin is 11! Happy birthday to two of my favorite people!! Above are two pictures that pretty much represent these two people and the way you'll find them...Emma with her camera and Austin with the hugest grin!

Now for a little gushing on Emma for her birthday...

Dear Emms,

Happy birthday to my baby! I love so many things about you. You are a wonderful girl...sweet, thoughtful, tenderhearted, loving, funny...but most of all I have to say I just love your company! I love to hang out with you and live life with you. I love to see you developing into a young woman with a heart for God. You are responsive to God's word, and love to serve and be around God's people. You are a joy and a gift to me.

Well, I wish you a wonderful day today, doing some of your favorite things: getting a mani-pedi, going out to lunch and shopping with Kait, and dinner at CPK! Enjoy!

I love you!

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Emma Harasick said...

aw...thanks mommy! =)