Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Rich!

School days picture....NICE haircut!!

Well, the reason for such embarrassment is that today, May 17th, is Rich's 47th birthday! In honor of him, here are 47 fun facts that make him distinctly “Rich” (and absolutely adorable):

1. He drinks Trader Joe’s organic hot cocoa every morning

2. He loves to get new shoes (and tell us about them repeatedly)

3. He is really into maps

4. He thinks Napoleon Dynamite is a pretty funny movie

5. He enjoys picking oranges and making fresh squeezed juice

6. He loves the outdoors - hiking, biking, taking walks, the beach & mountains

7. Our cats and dogs adore him (and bother him as well)

8. He puts butter on things most people wouldn’t (like tortilla chips)

9. His all time favorite meal is his mom’s spaghetti sauce (and he stirs butter into that as well)

10. He dreams of being able to play the fiddle someday, and his dream "retirement' job would be playing it in Disneyland's "Billy Hill and the Hillbillies" show!

11. His idea of a “casual”outfit is chinos and a pressed collared shirt (we always tease him about being too 'dressed up')

12. He loves to curl up in his leather chair with a good book – he just finished reading John Adams and Epicenter

13. He loves to curl up in his leather chair and just take a nap!

14. He loves to drink Arnold Palmers or just iced tea with tons of lemon

15. He enjoys “chick flicks” like Anne of Green Gables and Jane Austin movies, but he can’t tolerate game shows at all

16. He likes to eat gross retro candy – like Abba Zabba, Look, Big Hunk, and Boston baked beans (gag)

17. He is always engaged in some lengthy home improvement project and somehow knows how to do pretty much anything

18. He has owned (and would like to one day again own) a '66 VW bug

19. He loves Reyn Spooner shirts, and Hawaii

20. He recently bought jeans at OSH Home Improvement Center (geek!)

21. He is intrigued by anything that has to do with engineering or construction (things “technical”)

22. His favorite TV shows are Hogan’s Heroes & Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

23. He likes eclectic ties and gets away with wearing them

24. He was voted "Class Comedian" in high school (wonder why)

25. He saves his “I voted” stickers after each election

26. He dreams of having a BIG garage and workshop someday

27. He loves bluegrass gospel music (but the rest of us really don’t…)

28. He has an extensive baseball cap collection (because he always forgets to bring a hat to places and has to buy one)

29. He cheers for both USC and UCLA

30. He is addicted to homemade granola

31. He wishes I would cut my hair really short (sorry, can’t do it)

32. He knows how to make mean mashed potatoes

33. He loves popcorn and always gets it at the movies and Disneyland

34. He is a fan of The Phantom of the Opera

35. He hates coffee

36. He loves nuts and eats cashews and almonds daily

37. He would never wear cologne

38. He likes Mont Blanc pens and Waterford crystal

39. He still has a windsurfer in our garage

40. He is very methodical about everything (engineer) and is impossible to play a board game with (takes forever to make a move)

41. He would watch way more sports on TV if he had the time

42. He hiked Half Dome in Yosemite past age 40!

43. He adores Kettle "Buffalo Bleu" potato chips

44. He totally digs power tools and could roam around Home Depot for hours

45. He reads the newspaper comics every day

46. His still likes the band Boston

47. He favorite phrase is “let the magic happen” (in other words, he likes to surprise us and not let us in on his schemes.)

Well, as you might have gathered, we do like poke fun at Rich quite a bit around here…but he has a great sense of humor and takes it all in stride…so I hope he enjoys this tribute. We really do adore you dear, and are so blessed to have you. You are a great example to us in the way that you live your life… and besides that you make our lives so much fun!


*If anyone wants to add another one of these to my list, feel free to use the comments area...
have fun!


Dodson Family said...

Karen - that is sooo funny! do you do that for everyone based on their year of life??? I laughed at so many!! he is hilarious!

I have seen you with your hair very short - in fact that is my first memory of you!

When I go on your blog it asks me for a password, I just ignore it but have you heard that before? It might have to do with the picture (?)

Dodson Family said...

oops - Happy Birthday Rich!