Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary Suzanne & Dave!!

I said I'd be doing "Way back Wednesdays" so I think this qualifies. Today is Suzanne and Dave's anniversary - they've been married 13 years and boy, has the Lord blessed them since their wedding day on May 21, 1995. I can't begin to tell you!

Here are some photos from their wedding day that I found. Doesn't my sister look so pretty?
She wore our mother's wedding dress! I would have loved to have worn it as well, but, well um, I'm not quite a size "0"...

Much love to you both!! Have a great celebration, even though you will be at AWANA!!

Karen & Suzanne getting ready

Even 2 year-old Emma got her hair curled!

The beautiful bride

Suzanne and Mom

Sandy Cameron & I were the maid and matron of honor

Dinner at the Chart House

Hot air balloon ride

Up, Up, and Away!

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Dave and Suzanne said...

Thanks for the sweet tribute! Those are some great pics! Especially little Emma. A lot has changed....