Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finishing up the last bites of the Big Apple!

Hello all,

Well, the "live blogging" thing isn't going so well! We have been soooo busy, which results in soooo tired, so hopefully when we get home we'll highlight each day with photos...

Just a brief update though. We are going to go to a church here in Manhattan with the Dempseys this morning. It is pretty much the best church you could go to here in a seemingly God-less city. I'm sure it will be interesting - the pastor is supposed to be very good. Right now as I wait for a couple loads of laundry to come out here at the hotel, and my family to shower, I thought I'd blog a little.

We had to switch hotels yesterday, since the Waldorf couldn't extend our stay. We moved to the Courtyard Marriott with the Dempseys and it's quite nice. While the Waldorf was stunning, the room here at the Marriott is larger and more family friendly and it is more subway convenient. This is totally New York: It cost us $36 just to switch hotels 2 blocks away. First, we had to pay two bell hops $10 each (one at each hotel), then we had to tip the 2 different people who hailed us a cab/loaded our luggage. And lastly, we had to pay for the cab fare! Only in New York. (Maybe if we didn't have 10 pieces of luggage we could have walked...)

We have had fun with the Dempseys since they arrived Thursday. On Friday we met them for lunch and then went our separate ways for the afternoon. Friday night was a blast! We met them for dinner at a great barbecue place and then went to see the Little Mermaid, which was spectacular! We saw three shows here this week and it was my favorite by far. Rick arranged for us to go on a backstage tour after the show which was very cool. We then trudged around Times Square in the rain, ending up at a great dessert place called Serendipity well after midnight. (In fact, we returned again to Serendipity last night - we all loved it so much!) Then yesterday, we met up with the Dempseys once again for dinner and dessert, walking all over town and capping it all off at Serendipity again! I will elaborate more on "Frozen Hot Chocolate" later!

We've seen so much - a week was a great amount of time to spend here. There are so many amazing things we did that I will blog about later. I can't believe that tomorrow it is already time to pack it up and head over to Philadelphia. But for today, looks like we'll tie up loose ends and see some things we still haven't seen- the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock, a bit more shopping (don't worry - we brought a large, empty duffel bag for purchases!), and perhaps Carnegie Deli. Tonite we have the Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Times Square at the Nokia Theater, and I'm sure that will be really great!

Maybe I can blog from Philly! See you then...

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