Friday, February 29, 2008

Highlights of my Week

In no particular order:

~Meeting with Jessica Yuda at Coffee Bean for several hours on Tuesday. Jessica is a young gal and new Christian I met at a church event this past fall. We have much in common (backgrounds) and she is someone who I really care about. I am praying the Lord will give us more opportunities together. She was recently baptized and is excited about growing in Christ.

~Making my first frozen yogurt! It was so easy. I just mixed plain nonfat Greek style yogurt with some organic sugar and vanilla and used my trusty little Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. It was really good, and I was glad to discover a nice healthy dessert I can make in a flash. Frozen yogurt has been my latest obsession, so I am glad I can make it at home. I'm still working with the recipe...look for it in upcoming blogs!

~My hubby coming home. He was gone on business two days this week. I always miss him so much! I thank the Lord that after (almost) 21 years together, my heart still leaps when I see him.

~The warm weather! This week it was high 70s - what a treat! I have enjoyed spending time tending my garden and admiring all the spring flowers. I have lots of pansies, violas and ranoculus. It also felt so good to lay in the sun on my bedroom patio lounge chair. Emma has been working on her tan...I'm ready for spring!

~Getting ready for the Shepherds' Conference! There is much to do. We are housing 4 men, as well as helping out at the conference almost full time next week. I have a freezer full of baked goods, and wardrobes are ready (you can only wear black, navy, tan or white for a uniform look amongst the volunteers.) We look forward to having 26 people for dinner Tuesday, as many friends are coming into town for this great event. Since the kids are old enough to serve now, we all will be working at the conference in some capacity. What a blessing!

~Reading the the Dodson's blog. And using a lot of Kleenex! Tracy has been posting, in segments, the story of her first child Jessy's adoption. It is amazing, and so are Robert and Tracy and the unique way they care so deeply for and have ministered to their children's birth moms. The Dodsons adopted two kids, then Tracy got pregnant and had one, then they adopted two more. I once heard Tracy say with a big smile, that she has "five kids with five different birth moms!" I think their family is both adorable and admirable.

~Dinner with The Callaways. Andrew and Kim are a very sweet and ministry-minded couple that we serve with in Juniors. Andrew is in seminary and Kim works at the church. They invited us for dinner last night at their adorable apartment, and it was a great time of getting to know them better and enjoy Kim's good cooking! It is encouraging to see great young couples like this, committed firmly to the Lord and each other.

~In general, just reflecting on the goodness of the Lord in our family's lives. There are so many blessings He gives us, and it is a joy to serve Him in all I do.

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