Saturday, February 23, 2008

Classic TV and my broken heart

The kids and I are fans of classic/vintage TV shows and we've gone through our phases. Every day while we eat our lunch we sit in the family room laughing together over some old TV show. Before DVR, we used to watch I Love Lucy because it came on at 12:00 noon every day, suiting our lunchtime break well. We probably watched every episode at least once. Then, when the world of DVR opened up to us, we began recording some new favorites: Little House on the Prairie, The Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Let's Make A Deal, etc. We are currently enjoying a run with The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and Hogan's Heroes.
I have a problem though.

When you come to love a show and get to know the characters in it, etc. you begin to feel like you know the people and that the characters are who they really are. I mean, I really wanted Ricky to love Lucy. When they divorced in real life, I could not fathom that they would ever do such a thing. It just about ruined the show for me. Poor little Ricky!

And what could be cuter than the Brady Bunch? Especially those earlier episodes before the whole dating scene came in... But we all know what happened to Robert Reed. Most of the Brady kids are divorced or a mess. Florence Henderson is deep into hypnotherapy. And she seemed so sensible!

Then there's the Cosby show. Claire, the Mom, was played by Felicia Rashad. In the show, she is sophisticated, smart, and savvy. It bummed me out that in real life, she was married/divorced three times, and one of her husbands was the lead singer of the Village People! (she divorced him because of his drug abuse). That is just weird. It just doesn't jive, you know?

But, I thought Ozzie and Harriet - they're safe I'm sure. As I remembered, it was just the most wholesome show ever. Well, I shouldn't be surprised. In real life, Harriet was actually a lifelong chain smoker who eventually died of emphysema. David was married twice; Ricky was married twice (first wife he was "obligated" which Ozzie tried to hide from the media) and engaged to the third when he died in a small plane crash. The plane caught on fire because someone on board was freebasing cocaine, and Ricky had traces of it in his body when they did an autopsy. Poor Ozzie got cancer soon after the show ended and battled it until an early death at age 69. It's all so sad.

I don't know why I get so disappointed. I mean, I know these are just typical people in the world doing the things typical people in the world do (plus, I wouldn't say they were great examples on the shows, just a lot better than they really were!). But, I have to say, Classic TV is sure a whole lot better than the current shows. I can honestly say that I have never watched one episode of today' prime time popular TV shows. I wouldn't dare! I guess I just better stick with the best that there is - good old classic shows!

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Dodson Family said...

Karen - that is so sad! I heard Harriet interviewed a long time ago - she said she was a working mom - hours and hours a day - never saw her real children yet played the perfect mom on tv. You could tell she was sad too!