Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Emma's Christmas Party

I love my daughter's friends...they are wonderful blessings from God to her and our whole family.
From left: Courtney Brooks, Kaitlyn Guyle, Emma, Stephanie Tubbs, Lindsey Tubbs, Katherine Brooks and Emily Tubbs. Kylie Dempsey joined later.
A trip to the mall, dinner of barbecued chicken salad, creme brulee for dessert, Love Comes Softly movie, hot apple cider, gift exchange and wild sleepover...what fun and what treasured memories. These girls have grown up together and will be lifelong friends - precious!

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Myra said...

Hey! You gave your blog a make-over! I like it! Emma's tableful of friends makes a sweet picture.
Back to packing. 2 days until moving starts. Love u! Thanks again for helping Savannah.