Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Disneyland with the boys

This year, we decided it would be fun to take each of the DeShong boys to Disneyland for their birthdays. We have yearly passes, and in the spring go about once a month, usually with the Guyles and the Dempseys. We started in March by taking Luke, then Vance in April, finishing with Austin early this month. Each got to go in their birthday month. While they each seemed to have a great time, it turned out to be more of a gift for us, since we made so many wonderful memories!

The boys had been to Disneyland once before with my parents, but were each about 4-5 years old then, and didn't remember that much. It was fun to see how each of them reacted to the different possibilities of Disneyland. For example, Vance could have just walked from one food stand to the next and would have been completely happy just eating and not even going on any rides. The first thing on his list of things to do that day was to get a big, round, colorful lollipop and he made this wish known from the get-go. Luke was initially extremely apprehensive about going on anything at all, but by the end of the day, he would go on everything - and with gusto! His face would be lit up with excitement when he came off a ride! Austin walked around bright eyed all day, almost in a daze, taking it all in. While he enjoyed many of the rides, I really think he liked picking out his souvenir best of all! While they each had different reactions reflecting their own unique personalities, there was one thing they all agreed on - Space Mountain was awesome!

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