Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dove Springs

We just returned from a fun filled weekend at Dove Springs, a/k/a place to ride dirt toys, with the Tubbs and the DeShongs. And boy were there a lot of people riding this weekend. Having never been to this area before, we chose to camp, unknowingly, in what is now referred to as "the Yahoo area." For three days we were surrounded by crazy people doing insane things on various dirt toys. And, if you think they sleep at night, you're wrong. The "vroom vroom" of engines could be heard deep into the night. We have since learned there are more family friendly locations to camp there, and will be located elsewhere next time we go. Suffice it to say, we don't exactly fit the mold of the typical type of people out there!

Above is the group dubbed "the Fab Four." It consists of Lindsay and Stephanie Tubbs, Drew and Emma. The Fab Four would disappear for a good hour or more and come back exhilarated. It now looks like someone else might be in line for their own dirt bike soon! Does Honda make a pink model? Emma even wiped out and is very proud of her sustained injuries (see below). Drew also had some scrapes that required the largest size bandaid made, but he'll be fine. That's what you get for trying to climb a 55 degree angle hill and have the bike practically fall on you!! Even me, Karen, went out riding with Rich. I find that it's very enjoyable, even though I am mindful of the fact that I could seriously injure myself!! What's Mom doing out on that 80 anyways!!!! (Napoleon Dynamite)

Unfortunately, the DeShongs ran into some sickness and had to leave early Sunday. The flu had gotten Vance last week and over the weekend Suzanne & Luke succombed as well. Everyone is on the mend now. The Tubbs always seem to go home with a repair job of some sort. This time, a rather serious one on the toy hauler. Everyone was glad to go home, take showers, and get a peaceful night sleep. Hopefully everyone and everything will be back in shape soon and ready to ride again.


Dave and Suzanne said...

Too bad I missed the steak dinner.....!!!!

Nancy said...

Ouch, Emma!! Sounds fun, though :-)