Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wednesdays at Dad's - thinking of Mom

Since my mom passed away in November 2005 at the young age of only 63, I have gotten into the routine of going to my dad's house on Wednesday mornings. I bring his clean laundry, take the dirty laundry home, clean the house and water the plants, and sometimes bring a pot of soup or something I've cooked to him. He always remembers that I'm coming, setting his laundry basket near the door and leaving me cooking magazines. Sometimes he is there but most of the time he is working. Sometimes we get the chance to go out to breakfast together, which I really enjoy.

I have to say that this time just started out as me wanting to serve my dad and take care of him in some of the ways that my mom did. I didn't want him to have to learn to clean house, or do his laundry at this stage of life. He's always been great in the kitchen so I didn't have to worry about him in that area. But now, the time has become sort of a special time for me. I can't help but think of my mom when I'm making her side of the bed, or cleaning the bathroom or kitchen she decorated. Basically, the house is one big reminder of her, and I could easily allow myself to be very sad that she left us much too soon. However, I have purposed to make my time at Dad's one where I can recall sweet memories of her and to thank God for the special mother He gave me. We had a great life together, and I am thankful for her tender loving care all my life. I am indeed blessed to have had a mother like her and she is close to my heart at all times. Above is a picture of her in Alaska. She and my dad took Drew there for 10 days to celebrate his 13th birthday.

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Dave and Suzanne said...

You made me cry!!!! That's not nice....I miss Mom just as you do, and I still sometimes don't think it is real that she is gone. But our memories of her will never fade away. Thanks for being such a servant and caring for Dad as you have.