Thursday, January 18, 2007

Meet the Extended Family - Harasick Side

We are very fortunate to live nearby all our family members. Today, I thought I'd profile the Harasick side of the family, which consists of Rich's mom, Dottie, his older sisters Jamee and Kristen, and Kristen's family - husband Dave, son Jordan & his wife Lindsey, daughter Amy, and son Kyle.

One of the family's traditions is celebrating Christmas together. The above photos are from our Christmas celebrations this past year and years past.

Dottie, going strong at 86, still lives in the same home in Glendale that Rich grew up in. She and Rich's Dad, Frank, were married over 50 years, before he passed away in July of 1998. She was a Longaberger consultant for many years (first one ever in California), but now leads a simple life of reading, and doing crossword puzzles.
Jamee, the oldest, has been a school teacher at Grant Elementary in Los Angeles for over 25 years and keeps busy with various organizations, such as PAHA (Polish American Historical Association) and GHS reunion committee. She loves tradition, and vacationing in Palm Springs.
Kristen , the middle child, is a busy homemaker as well as taking care of her mom's yard and other things for her. She met her hubby while a student at UCSB. Dave is a mortgage broker for commercial real estate who works from "the cave" (office under the house). He's an all around good natured, fun loving guy. He loves home improvement projects.
Jordan is finishing college at CSUN and wants to be a teacher. His wife, Lindsey (they got married last June) just graduated from APU with a degree in Graphic Design and is currently employed with Otis elevators. Lindsey is so sweet and such a welcome addition to the family! Jordan is a talented guitarist.
Amy just returned from 2 years at SDSU and is now a deaf studies major at CSUN. She has many interests, such as humanitarian help and missions. She is a real sweetheart! As you can see, Emma bears a strong resemblance to Amy!
Kyle is in 9th grade at La Canada High School who earns amazing money walking dogs for rich people in La Canada.
We have a lot of laughs together as a family!

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